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Get out and walk.


just walk

with spring just around the corner, some of you are still dealing with mounds of snow and freezing temps, while others are wearing t-shirts and enjoying some warmer weather. it is not a new concept – this walking thing, however i do think it is something to consider incorporating into our every day lives.

walking, for me, has always been an enjoyable experience. i am not a runner, and so i appreciate the subtler pace of walking. i have had some of the most memorable words exchanged with family and good pals while taking a stroll, cut off from the world, simply enjoying the company of each other. it is a stress reliever for me, and i am certain walking helped me to maintain my 50 lb weight loss after baby #1.walk2

we all know the health benefits of walking; increased cardiovascular fitness, reducing the risk of heart disease and stroke, building muscle ton and the ability to reduce body fat. i was pleased to read recently that it has in fact been known to improve our mental health as well. anxiety and depression, self esteem, and our general moods can be improved by making a point to walk.

i would encourage you to take some time to walk. doesn’t matter if it is 10 degrees out or hot and humid. just walk. walk around your block, in a park, or to the store. take this time to reflect on those things (and people) you cherish. enjoy the fresh air and be thankful for the ability to be outside, for the freedom to walk each day.

are you a fan of walking? do you have a favorite location you like to go to for your walk?

thanks to sadie davis for the images used in todays post.

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  • angie

    kika that is awesome that you incorporate time with your hubby while getting some walkin’ in! go you! 🙂

  • Kika

    I do love to walk but last winter finally saved up and bought a treadmill which I SOOOO appreciate! Our winters are harsh & long here, in Alberta, and with the treadmill I can continue walking many times/week including in the later evening when it is too dark for me to walk outdoors alone. However, my husband and I also walk outdoors tons in spring and fall; our oldest is old enough now to watch his two sisters at home so this is often our “date” time.

  • Sade

    You are so very welcome.