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loved it! (29th edition)

Did anyone else have a hard time gaining momentum for 2015?  I stopped in my tracks when I read the following words from Ann Voskamp, “I’m not ready for a new year and moving forward. I want a do-over on the last year.” That’s exactly what I was feeling. As I watched others forge ahead enthusiastically with new goals, I found myself pouting about my 2014 failures– things I’d put my heart into and gave an honest try.  If I was suppose to identify a significant accomplishment from the last year before I could move onto the next, then I just could not be ready for a new year.  Thankfully, Ann’s reflections about falling forward gently helped me recognize the learning experiences of 2014 and opened my heart to hope for 2015.

Even if you, like me, weren’t ready to start a new project on Jan 1, it’s not too late to add a creative habit to your daily routine.  Consider these two gems–

Susan Keller’s video project “1 Second Every Day” for a year  

The Artful Parent’s daily sketchbook

Are you wearing snow boots or flip flops this winter?  A recent move to Iowa has my family experiencing the coldest weather we’ve ever known. But isn’t the snow spectacular?  I love seeing clean, white winter scenes like Janice Hobbins’ stunning photo above.  @_xojanice is one of my favorite IG accounts to follow as it’s a treat to view the beautiful way Janice sees the world around her.  

While winter brings beauty, it also brings challenges to many.  I appreciate the survival strategies for winter shared by Modern Mrs. Darcy and encourage anyone suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder or depression to seek help from a professional. 

To make your January a little brighter, I recommend this gorgeous, inspirational calendar by Tiffany Kelly.  

And to make your January a little cozier, you might like to try Our Best Bites’ recipe for chicken soup with me.

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About Clair

Clair Dickson’s roots are in Missouri, but “where the Army sends them” is home to her family which includes her soldier husband and their four children. She treasures her faith and loves reading, writing, photography and swimming. Clair is passionate about mental health awareness and care. A former art teacher, she enjoys creating in ways that support her home and family and is preparing to go back to the art room soon. A tree in fall splendor, laughs with a friend, a light mystery, frosty limeades… these are some of her favorite things.

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