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Homemade Vegan Yolos…and an ode to experimentation

As we leave behind 2014 and begin setting intentions for 2015, I am deciding to commit myself to more experimentation in the coming year.

For me, that means trying new things and getting the hang of failure. It means scaling my grand schemes

to make that failure a little less scary.

Going out on a limb 

and feeling less attached to the outcome

than the process.

Expanding my horizons 

and throwing caution to the wind…

if even just a little bit.

So here is my first experiment:  making a little video recipe instead of my usual blog post format.  Though it may not be perfect, I had a lovely time immersing myself in a new creative process, learning something new, and feeling the rush of excitement that comes with completing a little project, and wondering what I could try next.


Homemade Yolo recipe available on the Oh She Glows blog.

About Jessie Harrold

Jessie Harrold is a doula, lactation educator, writer, public health professional and food blogger. Most importantly, she is mama to a quirky, adorable little toddler, and wife to an equally quirky, adorable husband. When she is not pacing the hospital floors with mothers-to-be or hovering over plates of food with her camera, Jessie can be found on long bike rides by the ocean, at early-morning lap swim, or spending quality time on her stand-up paddleboard. A former prairie girl who keeps gravitating back to the Eastern Canadian city that stole her heart, Jessie strives to live the biggest, most adventurous life possible.

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