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TCM’s Creative Photography Sponsors of 2011

the creative photographer series

We were overwhelmed with the response we received when we called out to our favorite vendors to sponsor our 2011 Creative Photographer Series.  We’d like to take today to recap for you, and give you another chance to go grab up some of these fantastic products from our gracious sponsors this year.  (Some of them still have valid discount codes, so take advantage of those if you can!)

A huge THANK YOU to these amazing companies, many of whom we’ve been working with for a long time now.  Without you, we could not run The Creative Mama at all, and we’re so glad to have you, new or old, on board the TCM Team!  Every single one of these sponsors offered a free product and/or a discount code to our readers!

Angie Warren’s FLY Guide

Laura Siebert Workshops

Beyond the Shot

LCH Designs

Ashley Skjaveland’s NEWBORN

Deluxe Modern

Dana Pugh’s Short and Sweet Mentoring

Erin Cobb’s Clean Color

Bloom Workshops

Bloom Forum

Stacey Woods’ Lifestyle Mini-Workshop

Joyce Smith’s Wordsmith for Photographers

Jessica Cudzillo’s 503 Workshops

Plate to Pixel: Digital Food Photography & Styling

Ketti Handbags

Shooting the Breeze Film Course

Ashley McNamara’s Actions

Pamela Topping Actions

Betty Crocker’s Big Book of Cupcakes (featuring Baked Bree)

Michelle Kane Photography / Actions

Brooke Snow’s Lifestyle Workshop

Stacy Wasmuth’s Mamarazzi

The Savvy Photographer

Jamie Schultz Designs

Willette Designs

Photographer Cafe

Totally Rad Actions

MCP Actions

Case Logic

Francypants Academy

Folio Love

Again, a huge THANK YOU to this long list of people who made The Creative Photographer Series possible this year.  It was certainly the biggest year we’ve ever seen here on TCM, and we’re so happy to have been able to work with all of these reputable companies to bring this Series to you.  We hope you’ve really enjoyed it!

Don’t forget… a few of these sponsors have extended their coupon codes and discounts for a few more days, so hurry and get your shopping done!  Congratulations to all of the winners of these giveaways… yes, all 40 of you!!  That’s a record for sure.  🙂

About Stacey Woods

Stacey Woods is an on-location, natural light lifestyle photographer for the Tampa Bay, FL area. Her favorite subjects are expecting mamas, the tiniest of babies, and children of all ages. She believes that the small moments are really the biggest ones, that photographs are legacies that we leave to our children, and that authentic love is beautiful. Her online photo journal can be found here.

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