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Monthly Archives: August 2013

A Poem for Baby

With the start of a new school year, I know that many mamas are reflecting on how quickly their children seem to grow. The long, busy days somehow become short years to treasure, and we can barely believe how big those shiny, new school shoes are. My own baby just started Kindergarten. I have watched […]

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The Creative Child

This is my son, the embodiment of Wilde’s words, the inspiration for so much of what I do.  He is beautiful, bold, a recognizable force of nature.  He doesn’t strive for individuality and creativity; he lives and breathes them.  He wakes up and stands out–without effort, without force.  He intuitively is what we wish everyone […]

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You’ve Got Mail

I have a confession — I am a trash picker.  Yes, a dumpster diver.  A slam-on-the-breaks-to-check-out-what-is-on-the-curb girl.  Our first couch was off the curb in the Art Museum district of Philadelphia — great piece, bad upholstery.  Entire slipcover, and viola!  Most of our dressers come second hand … thank you coat of paint!  For awhile […]

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