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Monthly Archives: July 2013

Be Kind to Yourself

I turned forty this year- a milestone that simply reminded me that I have much to learn. Years ago, I anticipated that I would have everything all figured out by the time I turned “the big 4-0.” I certainly don’t, but I am making progress. I recently discovered an exercise routine that strengthens my body […]

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A Double Dose of Birthday

Disclaimer:  I am not a party planner. There, now I can share a bit about my twins’ fifth birthday party.  I come from a big family where birthdays aren’t too big of a deal.  But my oldest, well, he LIVES to celebrate birthdays and has thus talked us in to throwing many the party on […]

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Say Yes

You asked me for the cardboard box. I wanted to say, “It needs to be recycled.” But instead I gave it to you, and you created a castle. You asked me for three plastic bags.  I wanted to say, “Those are for the trash.” But instead I handed them to you, and you made a […]

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