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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Capturing Summer Memories

Last year, I joined the ranks of Instagram lovers all over the world. We had just moved to a new city and I wanted to share our adventures with our family 3 states away. I spent the summer snapping quick photos of our daily activities like sharing chocolate chip pancakes and swimming in the pool […]

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Cultivating Friendship

In childhood, and typically all the way through college, friendships tend to form naturally. We’re in close proximity with peers on a regular basis and have practically limitless time to socialize. Throughout all of my school years, I took this effortless formation of friendship for granted. Then I graduated from college, got married, and started having children, and the landscape […]

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How to Have an Ice Cream Party

Hooray for summer!  Now that school is out (or almost, depending on where you might live), we’ve got our Summer Bucket List made and have started checking things off.  First up, was to hold a neighborhood ice cream party.  A couple of years ago we held one, and my boys have been asking to do […]

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