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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Minis Messes

We mothers are masters of disguise (or deceit, I suppose that depends on how we look at it). Our blogs and Facebooks and Instagram feeds shout, “I am happy,” “My kids are too — and also cute, and unmistakably stylish,” and “My house rocks, look at my pristine mid-century furniture!”. We are all so fabulous, […]

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Handing Over Dandelion

I have never been one to try to recreate memories from my childhood with my own children.  And to be perfectly fair, this says more about my upbringing and less about my magnanimity as a human being.  But that aside, there was always one thing I yearned to share with each of my sons, a […]

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make your own microwave mug cake.

  This week I’ve been a woman on a mission: to make the best microwave mug cake known to woman. So far I’ve failed. Which only gives me a really good excuse to keep trying…and to keep eating microwave mug cakes. Which means I plan to continue my failure for quite some time. Did you […]

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