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Monthly Archives: February 2009

Clean with green.

My journey into greener living has been exciting and eye-opening. One of the first big steps I took was taking control of what sorts of products we use in our home. Keep in mind I am far from “perfect” [ie: still using my bed head root boost, loving the Victoria’s Secret body spray I’ve had […]

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A giveaway!

in honor of the fact that i fell off of the blog-world due to our big move, i am excited to host my first ever giveaway! for all of the five people that read the creative mama, good luck to you! ; ) what will you get? a set of three green bags (or just […]

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Surviving the laundry madness.

that’s right, i’m referring to laundry. are you a lover of the laundry or a hater? i have a friend who absolutely loves to wash, dry, fold, and (sigh) put away load after load. me on the other hand, i’m not a fan. i don’t mind the folding part, but the putting away part – […]

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