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#tcmeveryday December Images

If I had to choose one word to describe the images in this month’s submissions for #tcmeveryday, it would be emotion.  Of course, this word comes to mind every month as we go scroll through the beautiful images you are tagging, but this month there was a little something extra.  Holiday traditions, family time, wonderment and affection […]

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Elf Magic

It won’t be much longer before my oldest son finds out the truth behind Santa. He is seven and my younger son is almost five and they both still believe. They are at that magical age where the holidays are so much fun through their eyes. One of their favorite Christmas traditions is the month […]

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Black & White Summer

I have always been a fan of black and white photos. There is something magical about capturing and presenting the essence of something without all the technicolor distractions. Black and white photos represent such classic qualities of truth…of human nature…that, as viewers, we can’t help but relate to what is being depicted. We focus on […]

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